The Humanity Hub

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The Humanity Hub

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To launch the Humanity Hub, representatives of the four collaborating organisations will embark on The Humanity Walk on 26 March 2021, one year after South Africa went into lockdown. The walk will celebrate the journey of each of the four organisations over the past year, which culminated in our collaboration and the birth of The Humanity Hub. 

We’ll start at the Company’s Garden (where Souper Troopers began), walk through St George’s Mall (where Ladles of Love first served) and past the Community Chest building in Bree Street. Well then head to Mouille Point to the site of the Mini Meltdown. Along the way we will speak to radio presenters and invite journalists to meet at us the five key spots. 

This will be the official launch of The Humanity Hub and we invite you to support us by donating to this fundraising campaign. All proceeds will be used to provide a range of services to our homeless clients.