About Us

Souper Troopers started with a pot of soup and a realisation that Cape

Town communities can create meaningful change through small acts of


Kerry Hoffman was inspired to connect with the most

marginalised individuals - people living on the streets. One day of

serving soup and sandwiches from an urban pavement to homeless

individuals led to a vision that gestures like these could bring about positive change in an increasingly negative space.

In June 2014, Souper Troopers was formed.

We, in Cape Town, are aware of the prevalence of homelessness. Homeless

people go without having their basic human needs met. Instead of aiming

to ‘solve the problem,’ Souper Troopers provide specific events and

services that bring homeless people some dignity and attention.

Souper Troopers organise monthly ‘socials’ that are a

platform for allowing homeless individuals a space to have some fun and

feel ‘human.’ Significantly, these events are frequently run together

with people on the street. Some help in the kitchen, others give

haircuts, and most of the people attending always help with keeping an

eye out, making sure everything runs smoothly.

Through collaboration with volunteers, homeless individuals, and corporates, the monthly socials have included:

- haircuts and a wholesome meal

- pop-up boutique clothing spaces that allow homeless individuals to ‘shop’ in a dignified manner.

- Mobile showers

- The donation of toiletries

- Games and other entertainment, and the opportunity to celebrate birthdays

We are all human. We all have a story. Together we are the change.

To quote one of the homeless , George, "we just want people to acknowledge that we are also people"