Helping homeless clients find employment through collaboration

Many say, “just find a job” when coming across someone begging on the street. The stained face and dirty clothes are all they see; they look past the desperation and sadness. “Just get a job!”


How does a homeless person apply for employment opportunities without access to ablution facilities or a safe, clean place to sleep?

Society makes it seem so easy to find a job. Few consider the challenges that the individual is faced with.

We are therefore very excited to partner with Surgo, a customer service specialist & business process outsourcing service provider, in creating a candidate database of The Humanity Hub clients who are working through our CAST model and ready for employment. Together we are trying to minimise the obstacles faced by homeless clients who are eager to become responsible and dependable employees – especially those who are on the streets because of the COVID pandemic.

Their need to belong, which has become clouded by fear of rejection and constant judgement, requires a multi-faceted team approach.
Watch this space! We believe in social transformation through dignified reintegration and reunification of Cape Town’s homeless residents.

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