Lighting the Way Home

In desperate need for an income to provide for her 2-year-old son, Tanya left her home in Zimbabwe to find work in Cape Town. She walked by faith, not knowing that she would start losing her sight soon after arriving in Cape Town.

Finding herself destitute, on the streets – and after 3 eye surgeries, her sight continued to deteriorate. This placed her in a most vulnerable position on the streets. Harassed. Threatened. Disabled. She reached out to our Fieldworker at The Humanity Hub and placement was found at Safe Space whilst we set the ball rolling in lighting the way home for Tanya.

Thanks to our supportive and compassionate community, funds were raised to get Tanya back home to allow her to be with her son, now 6-years old. Providing her with the opportunity to see her son, with the little bit of sight that she has left before she goes completely blind.

Our work humbles us every single day as we continue to work in gratitude for the lives that we encounter and share in. There is so much more to the homeless residents on our streets, they all have a story, and it is our duty to respond in a way that reflects our humanity.

*not her real name