Moving forward and upward

Imagine receiving a call from someone to tell you how amazingly well your client is doing after leaving the streets and finding employment in another province? This is what happened to our fieldworker, Tasneem Hoosain-Fielies, who worked tirelessly with *Thokozani while he was homeless in Cape Town.

*Thokozani is one of the few clients of The Humanity Hub who has managed to find permanent employment – a job as a farmhand in another province. Drug-free for five weeks, he got on a bus and remained in contact with Tasneem throughout his journey as he took the bold step to start a new life.

His employer called after a few weeks to inform us that *Thokozani is an exceptional worker – reliable and trustworthy. He works hard and is now able to provide for his family while slowly reconnecting with them. Baby steps, with the help of an individual willing to walk alongside him – his new boss.

We all have it in us to be the difference in someone’s life. All it takes is the courage to let go of our fears, and the patience to guide with determination while restoring dignity. We continue to provide an aftercare service to *Thokozani where needed and believe that he has a wonderful life ahead of him.

*not his real name

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