Tearing Up the Streets of Hope AND Desolation

It has been a year since South Africa went into lockdown. A year that gave birth to both hope and desolation for many on the streets, that double-edge sword of the lives that we interact with daily. We celebrated the many lives of those fighting to survive on the streets, and the realisation of The Humanity Hub, as we walked and visited the various street “corners” where it all started.

Stopping for a coffee, one of our client’s, *Charles, sat around a table with us. Sipping on his coffee while silently shedding tears of hope after our fieldworker informed him that employment has been arranged for him and that he will soon be reunited with his family in Johannesburg.

A few blocks later, one of our partners reached down and handed a flyer to young man desperately trying to fade into the bricks of the building wall he sat against. Staring at traffic, tears streaming down his cheeks. Unaware, another hand reached out, our fieldworker, kneeling next to this young man as she placed a caring hand on his shoulder. “You are not alone. . .”

So ensued an emotional interaction, as his complete desolation penetrated the lives of those around him. Serendipity! And he has the same name as our first *Charles.

A few minutes later *Charles continued walking with us. A new sense of ‘belonging’ in a space where he no longer wanted to be – this life. Our fieldworker introduced *Charles to *Charles and together with two other clients of The Humanity Hub, stories were shared, and hope was sparked.

Connection. Sharing that there is dignity in existing while also respecting and acknowledging the raw emotions and pain that goes with living on the streets, and the story behind the story. This, but a snapshot of the lives we impact upon through your help.

*not their real names

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